Key Locations to Improve Curb Appeal

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Kerb appeal of your house can make or break your selling deal. Prospective buyers want to see their future home in the best condition. If your home has a good curb appeal, the potential buyers would want to see what is inside. Remember you always have just a few seconds to create a successful first impression. Improving the appearance of your home does not mean you renovate the entire house. There are just a few focal points in every house, which if maintained well, play a crucial role, not only in attracting potential buyers, but also increasing your home’s value.

Front lawn/ Garden

The first impression potential home buyers have of your home is how it looks like from the outside. The outside of your house should be just as attractive as the inside.

  • Spruce up the lawn by trimming it diagonally.
  • Edge it along the driveway and walkways to add a welcoming effect.
  • Do not allow the bushes or branches to block the path towards the entrance. Trim all the trees and shrubs to give your home a finished and well maintained look.
  • Remove all the weeds.
  • To make the entrance of your home warm and inviting, try adding a bench or a bistro table with a couple of chairs.

Front door and home numbers

One of the fastest and least expensive ways to give your home a quick face-lift is to paint the door. It may sound simple, but the door is the first thing potential home buyers are going to look at.

  • Paint the door with your favourite colours.
  • No doubt black is always a safe bet, but strong, bright colours in full gloss paint are common these days. They will add a lively look to your entrance.
  • To add a contemporary look to your home’s entrance, try muted and washed out tones with gray or brown undertones.
  • Metal polish the door fixtures, and clean any dirt spots around the door knobs.
  • You can also install a custom wood door.
  • Put a couple of flower pots on the sides of the house to add a welcoming effect.
  • Update your home numbers.

Driveway and walkway

After the front lawn, you need to pay attention to your driveway and walkway.

  • Make sure the driveway and walkway are in good condition and free of clutter. If required, hire help to wash them thoroughly and clear any debris.
  • Apply a new coat of top sealer to hide any minor defects.
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